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pest control crm system

Full function, Customer Relationship Management software for the pest control industry.

the client's need

Pocomos wanted to create a robust piece of software that would accommodate the needs of the companies in the pest control industry. This includes all processes from nurturing leads and canvassing neighborhoods to invoicing, billing and ongoing services on the properties.

The challenge

There were several challenges with this project--1. Many states require professionals in the pest control industry to complete detailed reporting each time they complete a service. They also require that the report be done according to the formatting requirements for the state. 2.

Pocomos wanted to provide cutting edge communication tools to the professionals that used the software--automated customer communications, two-way sms, two-way email, etc. 3. They also wanted robust canvassing tools for their users. Pin-drop at current location lead marking, historical lead information, etc. 4. Pocomos want to have robust job route optimization for their users. This would allow users to put the jobs in the best possible order for the technician.

Maven's Solution

Maven created a robust document creator and generator that allowed users to not only do the necessary detailed state reporting, but also to create very professional agreements, invoices and documents of all kinds.

Using a collection of technologies, the people of Maven were able to accommodate automated communications to allow users to set up automated service notifications, agreements notifications as well as a robust two-way SMS tool for customers to communicate with office staff directly.

Using Google Maps, custom overlays and other tools we created a world-class canvassing tool that allows users to mark each house and note what might have happened at that location.

We are particularly interested proud of the route optimization tools that we built, which can take a group of jobs and put them in the best order with respect to fixed time slots already on the route.

Maven has completed several technological projects for our company and always delivered high quality solutions for our company at a much cheaper project cost than other firms we have worked with.

Tim Headrick Moxie Pest Control

We came to Maven with little software experience and a desire to create a solution for our industry. They were able to help us define and build the solution while at the same time decreasing the amount we spent on development by using third vendors that already existed. Huge win.

Kody Hansen Owner at Call Commander

I am a content creator. I have done several different internet-based, revenue generating businesses and Maven has helped me with all of them. They were great to work with for their good communication and sage guidance.

Elise Hansen Talk The Talk Online Courses

Anonymous turned to the people at Maven to develop an in-person service enrollment option that would send the new customer information to our other back-end pieces of software. They got the project done in a record amount of time. Even our internal team was impressed with their speed and quality.

Barbara S Anonymous International Home Service Company

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