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aggregator application

Pull all of your leads from all of the lead sources into one management tool, so that they can be contacted quickly and presented with an estimate.

the client's need

Client set out to build a SaaS application that would allow companies to gather all of their leads into one place and then allow their office admin users to get mobile notifications and respond quickly to anyone who had filled out a digital form anywhere.

the Challenge

Some of the challenges on this project include:

  • Lead Source Tracking - they wanted to get all the leads into one place while carefully tracking where the lead came from.
  • They wanted iOS and Android application to be available in the app store.
  • They wanted the notifications on the application to be interactive to allow for maximum speed to lead.

maven's Solution

For careful lead tracking we implemented several features including 1. A custom form generator, which would generate a custom form for each lead source. 2. Unique tracking phone numbers for each lead source which would automatically tag a lead with the correct lead source 3.

Several backend integrations with primary lead producers in the industry. We employed React, React Native to create iOS and Android applications at the same time. In addition we used an ‘API first architecture,’ which allowed us to use the same server logic for all interfaces of the overall application.

Through server optimization we were able to get the notifications to alert the user within 5 seconds of the lead being added to LeadLink and we were able to use the native options available to iOS and Android to give ‘force touch’ options.

Maven has completed several technological projects for our company and always delivered high quality solutions for our company at a much cheaper project cost than other firms we have worked with.

Tim Headrick Moxie Pest Control

We came to Maven with little software experience and a desire to create a solution for our industry. They were able to help us define and build the solution while at the same time decreasing the amount we spent on development by using third vendors that already existed. Huge win.

Kody Hansen Owner at Call Commander

I am a content creator. I have done several different internet-based, revenue generating businesses and Maven has helped me with all of them. They were great to work with for their good communication and sage guidance.

Elise Hansen Talk The Talk Online Courses

Anonymous turned to the people at Maven to develop an in-person service enrollment option that would send the new customer information to our other back-end pieces of software. They got the project done in a record amount of time. Even our internal team was impressed with their speed and quality.

Barbara S Anonymous International Home Service Company

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